Mustang Wiring Diagrams 64-72

wiringHi all,

you can find Mustang wiring diagrams all over the internet. However every year is split in two different files and all in zip compressed TIFs that look garbled when opened with Windows picture preview. So I took the lot of them and put them into one single pdf file. You can download it here:

Mustang wiring diagrams



Modern oil wearing our engines -- ZDDP

zinc dialkyldithiophosphateBasically the story goes with the advent of catalytic converters. I'd say everyone who's 30 older older will remember that catalytic converters didn't last very long in the past.
You bought a new car and 3 years later you had to replace it. For this it has been demanded of car manufactures that the live of catalytic converters had to be at least a certain time. 
here the details:
[quote] The EPA's program called for 100,000-mile catalytic converter life by 2004, 120,000 miles by 2007, and 150,000 miles by 2009. 

Starter Relay and How to troubleshoot starting issues

How to connect the starter relay and how to troubleshoot a car that does not start

Starter Relay Diagram

A. How the starter relay works


This article covers only starting issues related to the starter, ie the starter/engine will not turn, but push starting the car works. 

It is on the example of my 64 Mustang, but should be valid for for all Classic Mustangs and other American Muscle Cars from the same period work similar.