We are a Cork based club made up of American car and truck enthusiasts within the Munster region.

The Club as formed by a group of people with similar interests (American Muscle). From meetings at car shows and involvement in other motor clubs, GAScc was born.

Our aim is to provide a club for the American car enthusiasts in Munster. To meet and share info on vehicles, parts and all other related topics.

We also try to attend as many car shows as possible all over Ireland and even as far away as Sweden and the UK.

Whether it's a show winning Cadillac or a modern daily driver, GAScc is the club to be in. Dodge RAMs, Chargers, Corvettes and Mustangs of all ages, 40-60's Pickup Trucks, Trans AMs are only few of the cars that make up the vast list of cars in the club.

Please feel free to browse around the website or register to be able to post in the forums.

If you want to become a full member of the club

If you have any questions just register and post on the forums.

If you are interesting in meeting us, just call over when we meet. See events calender for that.

you can download the membership form here:

You can always send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jay, President